My Story

Hello! I’m Greg, owner of several cleaning services. My businesses dominate the local search engine rankings, resulting in loads of cleaning leads continually calling my companies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is exactly how I grew a startup from scratch to a million-dollar business. Here I would like to share a little on how I cleaned up for a living in the maid service industry. And now it is my sincerest wish to help others make their millions, too.

Early Life

My story begins in 1993 when I moved to Texas to attend Baylor University. High School hadn’t prepared my for the intense focus required for collegiate study. My first semester was an academic disaster, having to retake a couple courses. During the second semester I actually cracked open books and studied. My GPA shot up. By junior year I was inducted into Golden Key National Honor Society where I was elected President. Soon after I also garnered a few other academic honors such as being invited to join Order of Omega and Gamma Sigma Alpha Greek Honor Society along with being picked for Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and being recognized on the Dean’s List. From failing freshman year to succeeding academically at college, here is a reddit post on how I did it. In 1998 I graduated and began a professional career in high-tech.

IBM became home. It was a first job that any newly graduate would covet. My job was working with what was then the fastest supercomputers in the world; the SP RS/6000. They were used for some pretty cool tasks such as simulating nuclear explosions for the U.S. government at Las Alamos National Laboratory and defeating World Chess Champions. You may have heard of Deep Blue, the first computer to do so, defeating the reigning World Chess Champion and legend Garry Kasparov. Later, I joined the tech team at Bank of America where I was responsible for maintaining the computer systems that supported the banks Trusts.

In 2004 I left the high-tech world to start a cleaning service. Friends thought I had lost my mind… What was I thinking? Leaving an amazing career in high-tech to clean homes. But building a business that provided people value was what I wanted; not sitting behind a blue screen all day hacking away. I knew I would not fail at launching a maid service. And it would prove to be the best career choice I ever made.

First Success

The internet was still in its infancy yet was apparent my business success would depend upon it. Thus, the first thing I did was hop on Google and place myself in my clients’ shoes, searching for maid services online. As I googled maid services, I did two things:

  • Wrote down the phrases I typed to search for a cleaning service
  • Kept a list of all the websites that repeatedly came up.

Two phrases that I first googled (and I surmised most other people would use) were “maid service dallas” and “house cleaning dallas”. Back then it was glaringly noticeable Google placed much importance on the domain name, or rather keywords in the domain name, to rank a site. So, I snatched up a domain name with two important keywords: The keywords also appeared on the website. I didn’t intentionally include those keywords, rather it was only natural to type them in the text because my site was about, house cleaning. Not knowing it at the time, this was rudimentary, on-site SEO.

In addition to having keywords in the URL and website, I noticed some websites consistently reappearing in the rankings. Many were directories offering free listings while others required a one-time, nominal fee. I built backlinks from as many of these websites I could. Basic off-site SEO.

After utilizing keyword phrases in the website and building backlinks, my embarrassingly amateurish website rocketed up to the 1st page within 10 days after submitting it to the search engines. Soon after we had the #1 organic spot. I started getting calls before I was ready to launch! This was a kick in the butt that prompted me to organize quickly and open our doors.

Granted, back then it was much, MUCH easier to rank. Today competition crowds the online space and are levels of magnitude more sophisticated with online marketing. On top of that, Google frequently alters their algorithm, attempting to maintain relevant search engine results. As it became more challenging to rank, I continually learned how to maintain the coveted #1 organic spot for most (probably all) the top keywords.

Second & Third Successes

In 2010 I had offered to help a fledgling new house cleaning service by forwarding the leads that thought my service was too expensive. By the way, compete on quality, not on price is the path to prospering. Otherwise it’s a race to the bottom. Anyway, this maid service had gone out of business. You need to charge what you are worth! I thought why not start a cleaning service for the cost conscious client. In 2011 I started my second business.

For the longest time I neglected the business website’s SEO because business filtered in from my first company who forwarded the cost conscious folks. However, this changed in August of 2018 after being invited to join a mastermind group consisting of the top cleaning service owners in the nation. The prerequisite was to run a million-dollar cleaning service so you knew these owners knew their stuff. Our mastermind group organized the Juno Summit (see the talent) to help one of our member’s struggle with paying for her daughter’s health care. Meeting with a group like this, you can’t help but be motivated. One being to propel my second cleaning service’s website in the rankings.

In October of 2018 I got working. The results manifested a few months later in April of 2019.

SEO Growth curve

Notice that the results do not improve gradually, rather trend sideways for 6 months then start a parabolic rise. This is why I request clients to sign up for a 1 year contract; I need time to work SEO magic. So expect results to look more like the red line in this chart:

A few months after SEO worked started on the 2nd cleaning service, I thought why not help my 3rd cleaning service, too. You may be wondering, why do I have a 3rd maid service? Well, my sister, a loan officer, saw my financials while I was seeking a loan to buy an office building for my business (Take this virtual tour of my frick’n awesome office). Seeing the profitability of running a maid service, she and her husband asked me to partner with them and start a maid service.

The results followed like the first time: flat at first followed by a rapid rise:

Today I am the lucky owner of three profitable maid services. Often I pause to reflect upon success unimaginable to my younger self. May sounds cliché, but I don’t want to take it for granted. The profits have been parlayed into other investments such as millions in real estate, building a million dollar retirement fund, and some frivolous purchases like a 6 figure sports car and family vacations that last months on end. I’ve proven it can be done and now it’s my mission to bring others the same success.

Imagine if you ranked for the #1 spot for the most commonly used keywords your customers google to find you. Imagine the money. I might be able to this for you. However…

I Can’t Take On Just Anyone

If interested in taking your ranking (and revenue!) to the next level, I’d be happy to help IF

  1. You own a cleaning company because that’s my specialty.
  2. You are not in the same city as my current companies. Otherwise that would just be shooting myself in the foot!
  3. You are not in the same city as one of my current clients. The primary goal is to rank my clients #1 and unfortunately there aren’t two #1 spots.
  4. You have a good business reputation online. No sense ranking for a mediocre business because that hinders my other goal: Growing you into million-dollar company.
  5. You use Launch27 or a similar scheduling system that automates the facilitation of online customer reviews.
  6. You agree to allow me to work my SEO mojo for 1 year because results take time.

If so, I’d be happy to help! Contact me and we can start with a free SEO consultation.

Do You Want a Million-Dollar Cleaning Company?

Your online domination is not the only goal. I’ll share with you my secrets on growing and running crazy successful cleaning companies. You’ll have access to my mind and my proven business systems. I want you not only survive, I want you to thrive. I was fortunate to have some amazing owners help me when starting out. Now it is a privilege to help others achieve success. Imagine running a million-dollar cleaning service, driving your six-figure dream car, owning millions in real estate (including your cleaning company’s office), and having the best part of owning a successful business: FREEDOM. Freedom of not being confined to a 9-5 job, freedom to travel, freedom to spend with family. Oh, the five figure monthly income isn’t bad either.