Imagine your maid service sitting at the #1 spot for the top keyword phrases your customers search to find you. Imagine the impact to the bottom line! But how do you find an SEO Agency that can procure these results? Simple. Previous results are the best indicator of future performance.

I’ve done exactly this in a large metropolis with millions of people and stiff competition. And it is my mission to do this for clients. Now for the proof of proven results.

Case Study 1

#1 Ranking Achieved for my 1st Maid Service

Having the #1 spot on Google search results for just a few keyword phrases is impressive by any standards. Having #1 ranking for ALL of the top 10 keyword phrases in a city the size of Dallas is, to say the least, a step above of incredibly impressive… and it maid me a millionaire.

The keyword phrases that attracts the most business in my location are “maid service dallas” and “house cleaning dallas”, with the latter coming in a distant second. Note the result below places “cleaning services dallas” above “house cleaning dallas”, however less business is produced by the former because it produces leads seeking commercial cleaning. Since we specialize only in residential cleaning, those leads (and keyword phrase) are not important.

Here are the keywords’ positions (Pos.) as of 6/15/2020:

Impressive but the battle is nonstop. Competition continually comes calling, becoming more sophisticated with their online marketing efforts. Some have even resorted to negative SEO tactics (tsk tsk) to supplant my cleaning service in the SERPs. As one SEO guru had said, “When you’re number one, you become the target” for such nefarious efforts. However, with proper precautions, monitoring, and actions you can assure your website’s still sits pretty at top peering down at everyone else.

Case Study 2

#1 Ranking Achieved for ???

Yes, I’m a new SEO business but I really want your business as case study 2! Give me a chance. I will work furiously to rank your website so I can create an even more impressive portfolio.

Case Study 3

#1 Ranking Achieved for ???

I will include all of my client’s results in the case studies unless otherwise asked not to. My prospective clients deserve the whole story, not just a few cherry picked successes. That and it will motivate us to go above and beyond, ensuring my clients dominate Google.