Clean SEO

Most folks click one of the first three Google results – and never look beyond that. Therefore it is critical for your cleaning company to dominate Google’s search results. And SEO business can help you achieve that ranking. However, how do you know if an SEO professional will deliver? Simple. Previous results are the best indicator of future performance.

My name is Greg and I have proven performance in ranking maid services, starting with mine. Our website dominates Google, ranking #1 for the top 20 keywords people most often use to search for a house cleaning service. This is even more impressive considering the population and competitiveness for the area ranked.

The #1 spot garners the largest share of clicks. Important because clicks = $$$. According to this Local Ads Click Study, the most clicked SERP results are:

  1. Organic position 1 (accounts for 25.5% of clicks when LSAs are present27.4% when they aren’t)
  2. Local Pack position 1 (16.1% / 17.3%)
  3. Local Pack position 2 (10.4% / 12%)
  4. PPC Top position 1 (8.5% / 10.5%)
  5. LSA position 1 (7.4%)

As a fellow house cleaning guru, my specialty is ranking maid services like yours. I know your business. I know what needs to be done to rank you business. I know how to grow a maid service to a million-dollar business using SEO. One of the mistakes I’ve seen maid services make is shying away from hiring a good SEO professional because it is seems too expensive. You need to spend money to make money. And from my experience, SEO provides top return on investment. For example, most companies advertise on AdWords, an effective medium to find leads. But how does SEO compare?

SEO vs AdWords cost
*Note traffic decrease occurred during Corona-virus pandemic

The screenshot (right) is taken from SemRush for one of my house cleaning companies. According to the data, paying $2,100 a month for SEO is 7 times cheaper than AdWords!

Of course I can’t promise these results (though I’ve proven I can). But if you can achieve just half of these results, you will still be saving 3 times your AdWords budget. Not bad return on your investment. And that is not all.

Included with the SEO services are free coaching from a guy (Me!) that owns a million-dollar maid services. You will have access to my secrets and expertise including the systems I’ve refines over the years to perfect a self-running maid service. Can you imagine making a 5 figure salary minus the 40 hour work week?

Contact me know for a free SEO audit and consulation.

Monthly rates:

$4,400/month (Recommended for areas with a population of 3.5 million of more)

$2,100/month (Recommended for areas with a population of 400k or more)

$1,400/month (Recommended for areas with a population of 100k to 400k)